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Alan T. Norman

Hi, I'm Alan. I'm a proud, savvy, and ethical hacker from San Francisco City. After receiving a Bachelors of Science at Stanford University I'm working for a mid-size Informational Technology Firm in the heart of SFC. I'm aspired to work for the United States government as a security hacker, but also love teaching others about the future of technology. I believe that the future will heavily rely on computer "geeks" for both security and the successes of companies and future jobs alike.

Alan T. Norman, Writer
  • Master Bitcoin and join cryptocurrency world now!

    Today this is a reality! Bitcoin revolution covered the whole world like a huge wave, more and more people interested in this “Digital Gold”

  • Protect yourself from most common hacking attacks

    In order to prevent your system from being compromised, you need to stay a step ahead of any criminal hacker. You can do that by learning how to hack and how to do a counter-hack

  • Build a long-term profitable business by mining

    My book gives basic yet quite extensive information for those people who do not chase a rainbow but want to build a long-term profitable business in one of the cryptocurrency areas.

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"The book is an excellent instruction for people who deal with a lot of cash in their business and want to convert it into a liquid asset that they can use for purchases of high priced items on the internet without disclosing their true source of income. Basically the book gives step by step path how to purchase Bitcoin anonymously without attracting the attention of the Tax Man. If you run for example a medical marijuana dispensary clinic in California or Colorado and forced to accept cash since banks do not want to deal with such businesses. The book tells you a great way how to use the cash generated by your medical clinic sales to purchase Bitcoins and later use it to pay your growers and suppliers for example totally avoiding risky cash transactions as you would do it normally."

Eric Katsov
Eric Katsov Founder and CEO at Stockring, Inc.

I really like technology but felt as though I am not literate when it came to some of the technology and how things are done. This was easy to understand and follow and really explains in detail so much of what I was needing to understand of what is being said and terms used to explain this. This is a good book for anyone who really is not aware of all the forms of hacking and also gives you a great way to protect yourself from being hacked. This really has a great deal of useful information that is easy to understand and is even for someone like myself who is learning what things mean."

Rebecca Wilson
Rebecca Wilson